Car Impounds

Car Impounds

Precision Towing tows abandoned and accident vehicles to one of there several impound lots in Dane County. If you are looking to reclaim your impounded vehicle please call us. You must be able to provide Year, Make, and Model of your car for us to assist you. If we don’t have your vehicle the local police department can also help provide info on the whereabouts of your vehicle, including the phone number and address of the impound lot.


What forms of identification will I need to retrieve my vehicle from the impound?

You must be the registered owner, or submit an original notarized letter from the registered owner authorizing the Precision Towing to release the vehicle. The notarized letter must contain the make and model of the vehicle along with the license plate# and VIN# (if there is no license plate on the vehicle, the VIN# will suffice), the complete name of the party authorized to claim the vehicle and the name and signature of the registered owner.

Does the Precision Towing accept partial payments?

You must bring the total amount due. We will not accept partial payments.

What are the hours a vehicle can be retrieved from the impound lot?

You must arrive after 8:00am and before 5:00 pm to claim a towed vehicle. Due to Covid we ask for a 30 min call ahead.