Cash for Junk Cars in Madison, WI

At Precision Towing, we offer cash for junk cars in Madison, WI, and all of Dane County. If you have a totaled vehicle, we can take it off your hands. The best part is, we offer a minimum of $200 cash for junk vehicles, whether or not they run. This is because we pay you for the value of the individual parts, not for the value of the whole car according to the insurance company.

Trade Your Junk Car for Cash

At Precision Towing, we offer free estimates on the salvage value of your car. All we need to know is the make, model, and condition of your car. We pride ourselves on being dependable and honest in all of our business interactions, so you can feel confident that when we make an offer, that offer reflects the true salvage value of your car.

When you accept our cash offer, we will work with you to schedule the best time for us to come and give you cash for your junk car, at which time we will also tow the vehicle at no expense to you. Moreover, because we are a 24-hour towing service, we can even make the exchange on a weekend for your convenience.

Junk Cars

Whether you have just totaled your vehicle in an accident or you have a non-running vehicle that has sat on your property for multiple months, we will take the junk vehicle off of your hands and give you cash — a win-win situation for you.

When you choose Precision Towing to salvage your vehicle, you choose convenience, reliability, and, most importantly, a fair payout for your junk car. If you would like to trade your junk car for cash or you want more information about our towing and auto repair services, call us today at (608) 230-5054.

Vehicle Recycling

Don’t let your car get thrown out to languish or pollute the environment. Recycling cars helps protect the environment by obviating the need for fresh materials, saving water and energy and reducing mining costs. Do your part to protect the environment and make cars less expensive for everybody.